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Welcome to Courageous Counseling & Consulting, LLC

Dr. Avanté Smack offers individual therapy and group therapy for women 25 and older throughout the DMV region. Specific areas of specialization include social anxiety, depression, parenting stress, life transitions, and professional/career concerns. She also has expertise in working with healthcare professionals including mental health clinicians, physicians, and resident physicians. 

*****Currently accepting new patients *****

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Individual Therapy

Are you having difficulty managing your thoughts? Do you often feel overwhelmed or unsure of yourself? Do you have difficulty feeling like an effective or "good" parent? Do you feel like you are stuck and unable to make progress in your life? Do you have difficulty interacting with others or do your thoughts keep you from living up to your full potential?


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Group Therapy

CCC offers anxiety management, mindfulness/coping skills, and parenting groups. 

- Email for more information. 

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